Divorce Therapy

If you are having difficulty working through your separation or divorce,  you might find it helpful to talk to an impartial professional. Ashley Palmer is qualified as a Therapist, Family Mediator and Family Consultant. She has experience in working with people who are having difficultly coping with the emotions arising from being ‘single’ again.

One to One

Talking to a qualified therapist gives you the unique space to explore the difficult emotions and feelings you may be experiencing.

Each separation is different but many people can experience feelings of confusion, anger, sadness and loss. Regardless of who’s decision it was to divorce or break up, the separation can be overwhelming. When the shared goals, love and support of your relationship ends, it can be helpful to understand what has happened and what this means for you. This is a perfect opportunity to explore how you wish to move forward with your life. Re-connecting and reflecting on your positive qualities can offer you a fresh perspective of the choices you have in front of you.

Couples in Conflict

There may be times when you both choose to work with a Solicitor to arrange your divorce but have underlaying issues leaving you both ‘stuck’. A.Palmer & Associates can offer as many sessions as you choose to work through these in order to move forward with the solicitor. These issues may be based around hurt, anger or mistrust. At a time when you are making big decisions, this service offers you the opportunity to talk to an impartial person about what is behind the inability to move to an agreement.

The difference between divorce therapy and mediation is that you will have an opportunity to explore your personal issues in more depth if you so choose. Understanding what the obstacles are for you and your ex-partner can often lower the immediate heat and anger felt. If you are separated parents, your children may need to see that you can still communicate and that you are working together to ensure that they feel safe, heard and not in the middle of ongoing parental battle.