Family Consultancy

When parents are dealing with difficult experiences, such as relationship breakdown or divorce, it is often hard to take stock and to know how best to help your children – and yourself. Family consultancy is a way in which you can take time to consider what is happening for you and how the situation might be from your child’s point of view.

Family consultants can help you individually or together with the personal, emotional and practical issues surrounding a separation or divorce, particularly when issues arise regarding children and parenting separately. They can also provide links to a range of other professionals who can provide more specific advice and longer term support should you need it.

Family consultants work with you in a range of practical ways to help you and your children manage a difficult family transition. Many parents worry about the effect their own situation is having on their child.  Forming a new parenting relationship that is enduring and provides continuing security for your child is difficult to do and may feel impossible without some support. It can be reassuring to have some help in tackling how to build that new relationship and to reassure your child that you remain their parent even though family life will be arranged differently.

Family Consultants work with individuals, separating/divorcing adults or parents with or without other professionals – including solicitors, and sometimes directly with children. Most often, the information and support they provide for parents’ means that parents can deal with the situation directly, helping the children to understand that, despite what is happening between their parents, family life remains a priority- and that they can rely on their parents to make decisions about, for and with them – just as they have always done.

Family consultancy provides short-term guidance and support through a family transition. Family consultants can provide support in a combination of ways that can be tailored to individual, joint or family needs.

Ashley Palmer is a Family Consultant trained by Resolution.