Grandchildren of all ages can be affected when relationships with their Grandparents change as a result of family breakup. Changes can sometimes be very sudden and are often without explanation. There may be tensions between the generations, and or between different ‘sides’ of the family but ultimately the grandchild(ren) can be left confused and often upset.

Grandparents are often the forgotten ‘casualties’ of relationship breakdown and can find themselves caught in the ‘cross-fire’ of very difficult and emotionally charged arguments. The nature of the breakup could sadly result in you being forced to make choices about whether to be in contact with either your own child, or a beloved ‘in law’, or your grandchild(ren). Some days you might feel that you are in a minefield, and it seems that you can’t please anyone.

The mediation process can be a very effective way to have your voice heard. By creating an impartially structured meeting, we give all parties the chance to participate fully. Once emotions are calmed, it can be easier to focus on the best interests of the grandchild(ren) and move more quickly towards a workable solution that keeps you as the grandparent(s) appropriately connected into their lives. For more information on the mediation process, please click here

Grandparents – Grandparents / In-laws – In-laws

Sometimes Grandparents can feel like they have lost a friend as a result of family breakdown. This could be your son’s wife, or your daughter’s father-in-law. There are so many possible relationships, it is impossible to list them all. You may be feeling isolated from your golfing buddies, holiday companion(s) or however it is that you see your ‘friend’. Arrangements for the Christmas break and family occasions can prove daunting, especially as everyone adjusts to new routines. You might like to talk about how this is affecting you. Taking the time to talk about how you are feeling may give you the confidence to consider how you would like to reconnect with your ‘friend(s)’. Please click here to find out more about how we might be able to help you.