Legal Aid

A.Palmer & Associates are delighted to have teamed up with Compass Resolution Ltd. This association means that if you are eligible for legal aid, we can now offer it through Compass Resolution Ltd.

If you have come to A. Palmer & Associates through Compass Resolution and one party is found to be eligible for legal aid (this will be established at the first MIAMs meeting) then there will be no charge for either party for the MIAMs meeting and the first joint mediation session. Following this, if more sessions are needed, the party that is not eligible for funding will be charged as a private fee paying client at the rate of £84

If you are on a low income and have limited savings (less than £8000) then all the costs of your mediation will be met by the government.

Our mediator will assess whether you qualify for Legal Aid at your first individual meeting. Together we will complete a form showing your income and any savings. Your savings includes the equity of any properties including the family home but certain allowances will be taken.

Your gross income (wages, tax credits, child benefit, child maintenance etc) before any deductions has to be a maximum of £2657 per month.

There are allowances for the children and any child care costs if they are living with you. An allowance of rent/mortgage payments to a maximum of ??????? is deducted. There is an allowance of £45 for the cost of going to work. After these are taken from your gross income you need to end up with £733 or less. If you are on an income based benefit such as income support or job seekers allowance then you will automatically qualify.

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