Planned Co-Parenting Agreements

Planned co-parenting

For some people having a child within an intimate relationship is not possible and if you planning to enter into having a child with a friend/known person or sperm donor, discussing it at great length is a given. It’s being guided about how you approach difficult subjects that is key.

If you have already found the right person that’s fantastic. What you might think about now is having an independent person to sit down with and talk through the nitty-gritty details of how you both/all wish to co-parent throughout your future child’s life.

Ashley has seen first hand how dramatically all of the best intensions can go astray if all parties involved do not take the time to thoroughly work through everything before conception. It can end up costing tens of thousands going through the court system, not to mention the stress and anxiety this brings .The protective instincts can kick in and make the best of friendship a challenge, knowing how to manage these times will make it less stressful for everyone, especially the baby.

Pre-conception agreements

Having a meeting with a professional and going through a pre-conception agreement will help everyone to answer questions that may not have arisen without one. Although this agreement will not be legally binding, the judge will take into account the intensions of each party if it has been clearly clarified and agreed before conception.


Initially this would be a one to one meeting with Ashley, then if both or all parties agree there would be a joint meeting which could be 2 or more hours depending on your circumstances.